The Scotsman

"rich, multi-layered pieces...original, contemporary material"

Photo: Morgan Shaw

Since 2016 the Mark Hendry Octet have become one of the most exciting large Jazz combos in Scotland. Taking influence from traditional Jazz, Classical, Folk and Rock worlds; Mark arranges his music in a contemporary manner whilst retaining improvisation at its core. From sweeping melodies to free textures The Mark Hendry Octet is an exhilarating experience to hear. April 2018 saw the release of their first album - Esperance.

Esperance is Mark's debut release. It features new original music exploring improvisation matched with zealous arrangements. Alongside the octet, Esperance has string quartet and vocals With these additions Esperance creates unique textures which blur the lines between genres.
The band features some of the Scotland's best young Jazz and Classical musicians:

Voice - Irini Arabatzi

Trumpet - Cameron Thomson Duncan

Alto Saxophone - Micheal Murray

Tenor Saxophone - Mateusz Sobieksi

Trombone - Richard Leonard

Piano/Keys - Fergus McCreadie

Guitars - Tom Stephenson

Drums - Greg Irons

Violins - Emma Pantel

            - Joe Hodson

Viola - Theodore Chung Lei

Cello - Annika Moller

Bass & Compositions - Mark Hendry