The Mark Hendry Orchestra is Mark's latest endeavour. With Classical string orchestra, Jazz woodwind, Classical/Jazz brass and Jazz rhythm section, the orchestra bridges the gap between Jazz and the traditional orchestra.
In Spring 2018, Mark received a commission from the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival to compose and perform two new suites of music. Titled 'The Endangered Species Suite' this work was inspired by animals whose species were under threat. The five animals the movements are named after are: The Sea Turtle, Tiger, Albatross, Orangutan and The Blue Whale.
The second suite written and performed for the festival is titled 'Nineteen-Eighty Four'. It is a three movement tone poem inspired by George Orwell's dystopian novel. Mark attempts to narrate Orwell's classic by dividing the three part book into a three movement orchestral Jazz journey which follows Orwell's words closely.
“Orchestrator of exciting potential”​
O​ne to watch in 2020, Jazzwise Magazine